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EMT NCCP Programs & CME listing

This is a 20 hour State of Connecticut approved NCCP recertification course. This also satisfies the 20hr NREMT requirement. This DOES include an AHA CPR recertification.

You MUST also accru an additional 20 hours of continuing medical education (CME's) to complete your recertification.  

You MUST also submit a State of Connecticut OEMS recertification application via their website. You will receive an email link prior to your expiration.  

 An AHA Healthcare Provider CPR refresher class in INCLUDED in the NCCP 20hr class.

EMS CME's We offer a wide variety of CME opportunities and are continually adding new ones. Click Here for course listing

2022 Class Start Dates:  

Feb 26th  9am - 4pm      Register Here

May 4th  9am - 4pm      Register Here

Sept 12th  9am - 4pm      Register Here

Nov 7th  9am - 4pm      Register Here

Course Registration and payment is required for admission to the class. 

Contact us at or (203) 514-5181 for more information.